Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Price of Kissing

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

I would love to kiss you.
The price of kissing is your life.

Now my loving is running toward my life shouting,
What a bargain, let's buy it.


who said...

And in the turning
of nightmares and terror
from living too close
to the Phoenix's lair

it turns

And he was not smitten
From the kiss
Heaven was born

by crazy coincidence, he was in fact smitten from witnessing, the birth of a God

who said...

"a kiss is a hell-of-a-lot better than being bitten"


Ruth said...


I see that I mis-typed the title "The Prize of Kissing" and it's supposed to be "The Price of Kissing." Should I change it, or not? :)

who said...

I think we, sorry, I think you had better sleep wi,

I think you had better sleep on it (the question)

who said...

perfect, now the title better fits the pearl of said typo

Ruth said...

Again today there is a parallel connection with Rilke's "If I Cried Out." What do we give up to be joined with another? What do we suffer? What is the price?

steven said...

i think it's like becoming a parent, accepting a job, eating a chocolate bar. there's giving and receiving in all decisions. steven

Dan Gurney said...

As you say, Ruth, Rilke and Rumi resonate in today's selections. Also check out Rilke's March 29 selection (reading ahead is okay) called Dread and Bliss. The three combine for tasty contemplation. To some degree, I think we habitually tend to exaggerate our separateness. We miss the many ways we are joined with this world and entwined in the web of life.

who said...

Si para tienes?