Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tattooing in Qazwin (1)

In Qazwin they have a custom of tattooing themselves
for good luck, with a blue ink,
on the back of the hand, the shoulder, whatever.

A certain man there goes to his barber
and asks to be given a powerful, heroic blue lion
on his shoulder blade.

And do it with flair. I have Leo Ascending.
I want plenty of blue.

But as soon as the needle starts pricking,
he howls, What are you doing?

The lion.

Which part did you start with?

I began with the tail.

Leave out the tail. That lion's rump
is in a bad place for me. It cuts off my wind.

The barber continues and immediately
the man yells out, Ooooooooooooo, which part now?