Friday, August 20, 2010

Inward Sky (1)

You are the soul, the universe,
and what animates the universe.

I live and work inside you. I speak with
what was found in the ruins of a former self.

Concealed in your garden, I have become a ladder
propped against and leading up into the sky-dome.

Why cry for what is closer than voice?
I ask to hear the wisdom that uncovers the soul.

These four come with their answers.

Fire: You have a saucepan to cook what's raw.
Wear it like a saddle on your back.

Water: You have a spring inside.
Soak the earth.

Jupiter in the goodluck aspect: Show your talent,
Do something outside of time and space.

Jupiter in its bad mood: Be consumed with jealousy.
What else is there?