Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The King's Lead-Camel

There is a boy watching a cornfield,
keeping birds away by beating a small drum.

A king with a huge army camps nearby.
He has a tall and powerful camel
that carries big kettle drums and a drummer
at the front of his columns
constantly throbbing out courage
and determination.

That particular camel wanders
into the boy's cornfield.
The boy runs toward it
beating his toy tom-tom to scare it away.

A wise man advises, Don't bother, my son.
That camel is used to drumsound.
He will not scare.

So a lover completely given to the beloved
has no fear of death and no need of showing off.

It is with me as with the boy,
who stops beating his fear-drum
to watch and follow quietly
behind the king's lead camel
meandering through the corn.