Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Doctor Who Comes

In his dream an old man appeared.
Good king, I have news.

Tomorrow a stranger will come. I have sent him.
He is a physician you can trust.
Listen to him.

As dawn rose, the king was sitting
in the belvedere on his roof.
He saw someone coming, a person like the dawn.
He ran to meet this guest. Like swimmers
who love the water, their souls knit together
without being sewn, no seam.

The king opened his arms
and held the saintly doctor to him.
He led him to the head table.

At last I have found what patience can bring.
This one whose face answers any question,
who simply by looking can loosen
the knot of intellectual discussion.

Now Husam touches my arm.
He wants me to say more about Shams.