Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Childhood Friends (3)

Women Mending Nets in the Dunes, Vincent Van Gogh

He took the mirror from his robe
where he was hiding it.

What is the mirror of being? Non-being?

Always bring a mirror of non-existence as a gift.
Any other present is foolish.

Let the poor man look deep into generosity.
Let bread see a hungry man.
Let kindling behold a spark from the flint.

An empty mirror and your worst destructive habits,
when they are held up to each other, that is when
the real making begins. That's when art and crafting are.

A tailor needs a torn garment to practice his expertise.
The trunks of trees must be cut and cut again,
so they can be used for fine carpentry.
Your doctor must have a broken leg to doctor.
Your defects are the ways that glory gets manifested.

Whoever sees clearly what is diseased in himself
begins to gallop on the way. There is nothing worse
than thinking you are well enough. More than anything, 
self-complacency blocks the workmanship.