Friday, January 21, 2011

A Night Full of Talking

Landscape, by Fred Williams Lysterfield

A night full of talking that hurts,
my worst held-back secrets. Everything
has to do with loving and not loving.
This night will pass.
Then we have work to do.


Elisabeth said...

Work and love, Freud said, the two great parameters in our lives. How difficult when they clash, and how much better when one buoys up the other.

Jane Lancaster said...

My goodness this couldn't be more apt for me right now..

who said...

Yes that guys poetry has some VERY spooky timing. It has given me the chills more times than I have kept tract of.

steven said...

many evenings in my younger days i would have met the skin of this poem and known it for my own experience. steven

Ruth said...

There is the revealing. And then there is the daily quest for application of love and forgiveness after the pain. If we can allow one another to move forward, out of their mistakes, good. But it takes hard work to believe in them again. That's my "practical application" of this passage.

Katherine Krige said...

I have friends walking this path or friends that should be. Such wisdom from an age long past that is still fresh today.