Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strange Frenzy

There is a strange frenzy in my head,
of birds flying,
each particle circulating on its own.
Is the one I love everywhere?


steven said...

the one i love is everything. steven

Terri said...

We are part of the whole.

Andrew Di Genova said...

I really enjoy your blog. There's something about Rumi that fills the heart. I especially like this verse about "birds flying, each particle circulating on its own". I live in the SF Bay area and birds fly here in large groups to protect themselves from preditors. Reminds me of this poem you posted. Here is some footage I shot of the birds myself - The Flight of Western Sandpipers & Northern CA Kiteboarders

I just posted a Rumi poem about birds on my blog as well. Hope you like. Keep up the great work on your beautiful blog -

Ruth said...

Andrew, thanks so much for visiting and for the links to your beautiful posts.

Unknown said...

This is for you tammy lovell