Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bu'l-Hasan and the Snow

After Bestami died, it happened as he said
that Bu'l-Hasan became the sheikh for his community.

Every day Bu'l-Hasan would go to Bestami's tomb
to receive instruction. He had been told to do this
in a dream by Bestami himself.

Every dawn he goes and stands
facing the tomb until midmorning.

Either the spirit of Bestami comes and talks to him
or in silence the questions he has are answered.

One day a deep snow has fallen overnight.
The graves are indistinguishable.
Bu'l-Hasan feels lost.

Then he hears his sheikh's voice.
The world is made of snow.
It falls and melts and falls again.

Do not be concerned with the snow.
Come toward the sound of my voice.
Move always in this direction.

From that day Bu'l-Hasan began to experience
the enlightened state
he had only heard and read about before.


Ruth said...

Turning our face, our ear, toward the voice is the main thing. We can't always hear it clearly. But it's always there.

steven said...

beautiful writing that contains so many layers from the very practical to the deeply felt. steven

medura said...

Do you know that book : "Tears of the Heart - Rumi Selections" by Author "Osman Nuri Topbaş" ?
I advice it, it's impressed me so much...