Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Knots Untie (1)

Fire is whispering a secret in smoke's ear.
This aloeswood loves me
because I help it live out its purpose.

With me it becomes fragrance,
and then disappears altogether.

The knots untie and open into absence,
as you do with me, my friend.

Eaten by flame, and smoked out into the sky.
This is most fortunate.

What's unlucky is not to change and disappear.
This way leads through humiliation and contempt.


dirt clustit said...

a gift given to God's children here on Earth
an energy exchange allowed made more visible at night
when fires gift of secrets freed the unweight of heat
relief released from burning

sometimes the crack of whip it can be heard
when little bits of stubborn must be talked into
letting go with this energy changing season
it's for it's own good the whip is cracked

foreshadowing we will in fact be allowed
a Jessel to rejoin the travel of the Vessel
timed with the second time the whip
was hesista'd to be cracked
his sista was reborn again
from the fire whip
step up

Deslilas said...

Do you know "La psychanalyse du feu" by Gaston Bachelard ?

Dave King said...

I can't tell you how moving I found that to be. I don't know Rumi or his works. I shall have to do something about that. Man y many thanks for introducing.

dirt clustit said...

I have not ever heard of Gaston Bachelard, but unless it is fiction, it makes a lot a sense from the quick glance I took at what others had written about his work.

As strange as it feels it did none the less make sense.
Kind of ties together a lot of things that have always felt untied