Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Invisible Bee

Look how desire has changed in you,
how light and colorless it is,
with the world growing new marvels
because of your changing.

Your soul has become an invisible bee.
We don't see it working,
but there's the full honeycomb.

Your body's height, six feet or so,
but your soul rises through nine levels of sky.

A barrel corked with earth
and a raw wooden spile
keeps the oldest vineyard's wine inside.

When I see you,
it is not so much your physical form,
but the company of two riders,
your pure-fire devotion and your love
for the one who teaches you.

Then the sun and moon on foot behind those.


who said...

:) really liking these translations!

(early today I was on the verge or tears)

I didn't cry though I just sort of expelled all that whirl of emotion with breathing and writing only today I didn't burn the pages when I was done and I didn't drop it as a post in my blog cause I have a bad habit of deleting blogs.

sandy said...

oh beautiful photo and Rumi.

Green Queen SA said...

I am a recent college grad and this poem really resonates with me for some reason. Also, I just took an 8 hour state exam to be a teacher and this poem was on it. I love Rumi. Do you think the divine is trying to tell me something?