Saturday, April 10, 2010

Burnt Kabob

Last year I admired wines.
This year I am wandering inside the red world.
Last year I gazed at the fire.
This year I am burnt kabob.

Thirst drove me down to the water,
where I drank the moon's reflection.
Now I am a lion staring up
totally lost in love with the thing itself.

Do not ask questions about longing.
Look in my face.

Soul-drunk, body-ruined, these two
sit helpless in a wrecked wagon.
Neither knows how to fix it.
And my heart, I would say it is more
like a donkey sunk in a mudhole,
strugglings and miring deeper.

But listen to me. For one moment
quit being sad. Hear blessings
dropping their blossoms
around you. God.


maggie said...

So it is time for me to stop complaining about spring not showing up and hear the blessings that do abound. Nice reminder.

who said...

are rhodie blossoms?

Ruth said...

They're blossoms fallen from the catalpa tree.