Thursday, April 15, 2010


There are many guises for intelligence.
One part of you is gliding in a high windstream,
while your more ordinary notions
take little steps and peck at the ground.

Conventional knowledge is death to our souls,
and it is not really ours. It is laid on.
Yet we keep saying we find "rest" in these "beliefs."

We must become ignorant of what we have been taught
and be instead bewildered.

Run from what is profitable and comfortable.
Distrust anyone who praises you.
Give your investment money, and the interest
on the capital, to those who are actually destitute.

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
I have tried prudent planning long enough.
From now on, I'll be mad.


*jean* said...

oo ruth, you are such a breath of fresh air in a facebook quotation world...thank you for posting this today

maggie said...

I was 100% with him til he said give your investment money to the destitute. My faith hasn't reached that level yet. I am willing to see that I am taken care of and I will be shown where to go, what to do and what to say. With this little willingness, let's see what happens.

Unknown said...

Good one today.. I love that someone created this sight, this book has burned to the core of my soul.. PeaceLove&Guitars-Joel

Taf Teh said...

In one stage of our life, probably we need to try this adventurous or experimental lifestyle. Who knows, we might find the new dimension of this world... a sweeter and meaningful life.

Give it a try, abandon our routine, comfort, money, reputation and be mad for a while, temporarily not permanently.