Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As Much as a Pen Knows

Do you think that I know what I'm doing?
That for one breath or half-breath I belong to myself?

As much as a pen knows what it's writing,
or the ball can guess where it's going next.


M.L. Gallagher said...

It's how I think of writing. The words flow through me. They are not mine. And half, or most, of the time, I don't know what they will be until they appear on the page.

Anonymous said...

Can one live without a shadow of control? There is no "doer."

nashbix xx said...

Rumi's words are like my words.
M.L. Gallagher's too.
I understand you, Anonymous, but in truth, I can't feel any discrepance. You don't seem to be a writer nor to have experienced what those words truly mean. There's something to look forward to... You're blessed :)
Thx a lot Ruth <3