Monday, August 23, 2010

The Cat and the Meat (2)

If you have a body, where is the spirit?
If you are spirit, what is the body?

This is not our problem to worry about.
Both are both. Corn is corn grain
and cornstalk. The divine butcher
cuts us a piece from the thigh
and a piece from the neck.

Invisible, visible, the world
does not work without both.

If you throw dust at someone's head,
nothing will happen.

If you throw water, nothing.
But combine them into a lump.

That marriage of water and earth
cracks open the head,
and afterward, there are other marriages.


dirt clustit said...

unique corns cut by the butcher divine seems to arrest injustice and appease the mind
of those who bore witness to
the jealous butcher
cuts of unkind

dirt clustit said...

when Lannamann said "I can't pretend to know"
I think what he really meant was he knew damn well without a doubt that "it'll flame out in a supernova" in mother in laws that are loving but can also be fierce as Lions and all this happenings in a couple of years of corn cornstalk conrstal kay ay|ya

dirt clustit said...

dirt clustit
dir tcl ust it
dear toseal ust it
they are to seal us to it
to become one
one family, one vessel, one journey
one race, all together, traveling
learning one lesson

Elisabeth said...

I love the way the ordinary and the prosaic come together with the sublime in these words. they pack such a punch and convey so much wisdom about the complexity and interconnectedness of our world and our lives. Thanks, Ruth.