Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Pilgrimage to a Person

When you are not with close friends,
you are not in the presence.

It is sad to leave the people you travel with.
How much moreso those who remind you of God.
Hurry back to the ones protecting you.

On every trip, have only one objective,
to meet those who are friends
inside the presence.

If you stay home, keep the same purpose,
to meet the innermost presence
as it lives in people.

Be a pilgrim to the kaaba inside a human being,
and Mecca will rise into view on its own.


steven said...

"the people you travel with". i've noticed aspects of the same soul appear in different people along the way. they are most likely to appear at times when they or i make ourselves available or are compelled to become available. steven

kkrige said...

I think when you travel you open yourself up to the divine moreso. I have always tried to be more aware of people and places offered, extracting the coincidences and purposes revealed.

Terri Q. Mercer said...

I think that another aspect of this is that the presence is everywhere for us whether we travel or stay home. Its up to us to search for it so we can allow ourselves to recognize it and be drawn to it.