Monday, January 24, 2011

The Visions of Daquqi (1)

Husam, tell about the visions of Daquqi,
who said, I have traveled east and west
not knowing which way I was going,
following the moon, lost inside God.

Someone asked, Why do you go barefooted
over the stones and thorns.

What, he answered. What.

A bewildered lover does not walk on feet.
He or she walks on love. There are no "long"
or "short" trips for those. No time.

The body learned from spirit how to travel.
A saint's body moves in the unconditioned way,
though it seems to be in conditionedness.

Daquqi said, One day I was going along
looking to see in people the shining of the Friend.
I came to the shore at twilight and saw
seven candles. I hurried along the beach
toward them. I was amazed. My amazement was amazed.
Waves of bewilderment broke over my head.


steven said...

i am captivated by the last stanza - my amazement was amazed. oh yes! steven

Ruth said...

I love those lines too, Steven.

I am lost in the whole poem, much as I felt writing up my post at my other blog today. There is a wandering that is aimless. But there is another kind of wandering, "lostness," that is unconditioned . . . not long or short . . . barefooted . . . amazement on top of amazement . . . and even bewilderment. Being lost in God.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I found you here, following the stars of Maureen at Writing without Paper and Joyceann at Peaceful Legacies.

I followed, amazement on top of amazement, to your rilke blog and now here.

How delightful I feel in bewilderment, barefooted, dancing among the stars, Lost in God.



ds said...

"Waves of bewilderment broke over my head." Today, yes. Daquqi, please explain this to me again...

who said...

it happens (the breaking waves) and when a guitar is capo'd to be in harmony with the "ish" voice that sends out said waves, it's to the amazement of the masses that their amazed was amazingly again, amazed.


who was maize? I was amazed, and my amazement was then rung like a bell, cornered by being amazed in the maize

who said...

typo, should be "esh"

i always make that mistake

Anonymous said...