Saturday, January 8, 2011

There is Something in Us

Imagine a man selling his donkey
to be with Jesus.

Now imagine him selling Jesus
to get a ride on a donkey.
This does happen.

Jesus can transform a drunk into gold.
If the drunk is already golden,
he can be changed into pure diamond.
If already that, he can become the circling
planets, Jupiter, Venus, the moon.

Never think that you are worthless.
God has paid an enormous amount for you,
and the gifts keep arriving.

There is something in us
that has nothing to do with night and day,
grapes that never saw a vineyard.


says the Qur'an. Enjoy Shams,
or if you cannot do that, at least
consider what honest people tell you.


Ruth said...

Humility, without humiliation.

who said...

I found my Jesus at a Roman Catholic Clearance sale. I got him for three lefts less than a penny next to nothing.

Overflowing and ever expanding lifetimes worth of humility he had a kung-fu grip he used to karate-chop the ations.

It took me almost four evers to realize that was where he kept getting more and more humilit.

I just had to ask him why, and that converted us to humility. The iron that made it so strong was that they told me to never ask why.

So I dropper the end off the front of their never endever and asked it four times!

Awomen Ruthi!

A mother meek in men!

ds said...

Who was the ancient Greek of legend who wandered for years in search of an honest man? (Diogenes??)
Important reminder. Thank you.