Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Muhammad went to visit a sick friend.
Such kindness brings more kindness,
and there is no knowing the proliferation from there.

The man was about to die.
Muhammad put his face close and kissed him.

His friend began to revive.
Muhammad's visit re-created him.
He began to feel grateful for an illness
that brought such light.

And also for the backpain
that wakes him in the night.

No need to snore away like a buffalo
when this wonder is walking the world.

There are values in pain that are difficult
to see without the presence of a guest.

Don't complain about autumn.
Walk with grief like a good friend.
Listen to what he says.

Sometimes the cold and dark of a cave
give the opening we most want.


steven said...

this brings to mind john bennett's aphorism "it's impossible to achieve the aim without suffering." steven

Ruth said...

It's hard to be grateful for it while it's happening, though that is something I have lately been working on, at the very least looking forward to whatever the "rewards" will be.

Marion said...

I refer to my back pain as both friend and bitch. It has taught me much about myself. I love this translation.

medura said...

How nice your site.
And thanks for your nice comment :) İt's very kind of you.