Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jars of Springwater

Jars of springwater are not enough anymore.
Take us down to the river.

The face of peace, the sun itself.
No more the slippery, cloudlike moon.

Give us one clear morning after another,
and the one whose work remains unfinished,

who is our work as we diminish,
idle, though occupied, empty, and open.


Maliha Manal said...

I started reading Rumi just a few days ago. It's my first time with poetry, so I don't actually get some of 'Jars of Springwater'. I was hoping maybe you can help me with it. I surely feel ashamed of being such dumb.

'Give us one clear morning after another,
and the one whose work remains unfinished.

who is our work as we diminish,'

I am really determined to know what Rumi means here. I sincerely hope you can help me with it sir.

Ruth said...

Hi, Maliha Manal, and welcome.

I do not claim to understand completely myself, but here is a shot at his meaning:

The "one whose work remains unfinished" is also "our work as we diminish." Interesting that "the one" does work, and then he becomes "our work." It's a beautiful thought, that our work IS the One. We become less, simply being, as we are filled with the One. We remain open, empty, so that the One can fill us. That is "our work."

In some sense, this is direct. Being filled with the river itself, instead of drinking water in vessels. We want to drink directly from the Source.

Of course this is a plea for this clarity, when much of the time it is very difficult to see so clearly.

Best wishes on your journey, Maliha.