Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Oldest Thirst There Is

Give us gladness that connects
with the Friend, a taste of the quick.

You that make a cypress strong
and jasmine jasmine.

Give us the inner listening
that is a way in itself
and the oldest thirst there is.

Do not measure it out with a cup.
I am a fish. You are the moon.

You cannot touch me, but your light
fills the ocean where I live.


joanny said...

Beautiful -- unquenchable thirst to unlock the potential of the human spirit,


dutchbaby said...

This photo is a dream on it's own, but together with this poem, it is sublime. It awakens my inner listening. Thank you, Ruth.

Ruth said...

Yes, Joanny.

Dutchbaby, I'm so glad you liked this pairing. Me too. This was the morning I went out in Lesley's kayak in October 2006. Those two hours were some of the best of my life - first watching the moon set, then sunrise in fog, and then perfect clarity and calm.