Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Verge of Tears

You make our souls tasty like rose marmalade.
You cause us to fall flat on the ground
like the shadow of a cypress still growing at its tip.

Rainwater through a mountain forest,
we run after you in different ways.
We live like the verge of tears
inside your eyes. Don't cry.

You trick some people with gold ropes.
You tie them up and leave them.
Others you pull near at dawn.
You are the one within every attraction.

All silence. You are not alone, never that.
But you must at times become distracted,
because look, you have taken the food
that you were going to give to Jesus,
you have taken that out to the stable
and put it down in front of the donkey.


dirt clustit said...

I like this post Ruth. I like it for the thoughts it provokes. Specifically the term "trick" and how the term in a way answers a question in todays post (6/26/2010) regarding the source of resentment when asking "what are these grudges about"

Because something so simple as love being described as or promised that it flows the path of least resistance. At the time the analogy used to show a visual with words the term "love like water flows the path of least resistance"

describing the flow as the same as water does was intended to give everyone a correct understanding of how love as energy or something tangible flows from one spot to another. Most everyone can look at a landscape and fairly easily and intuitively "know" or predict with very little thought the direction that water would flow if released from any vessel or area if a significant amount of water spontaneously showed up.

Being able to know without thinking about why or systematically walking your mind through a serious of tedious laws (as seen by some that understanding the properties of water and the unseen forces acting on it when matter and the barrier holding or protecting that matter from feeling the forces that are present and technically acting out it only the barrier/wall/vessel prevent the present force (here gravity) from affecting the water as would happen if the wall were not there to prevent physical introduction of gravity to the pool of water and allowing the affect to take action upon the cohesive ball of water molecules huttled in a pool.

nearly everyone could know what will happen if the vessel or wall vanished and the force was introduced to the pool of water. Very few people would be surprised where the water would ultimately come to rest (because we all know hoe water flows)

again the analogy used so that people could understand how love flows intuitively. But then to come to find out that it does actually flow the path of least resistance (except love flows more like electricity follows the path of least resistance) when Love ends up in a different spot people feel tricked or deceived and that understandably upsets them. An electrician will tell you very simple circuits are easily to predict the flow of electrons (electricity) just by looking at a simple circuit as we know it with only travel through matter that conducts the flow of electrons. But as the circuitry get just slightly more complicated with a few forks in the road (possible paths) it is not always easy to predict even when you have a very firm grasp on the laws that the flow of electrons naturally follows (without deviation) and even knowing resistance values of the few possible paths and where switches are and the position of each switch absolutely known to be either open or closed. The flow of electricity does not go where you would think even with all the knowledge known.

anyone who has tried to wire a bathroom fan with a light and a second light with more than one switch will tell you it was not an easy task to properly wire such a setup so that all switches work and turn off or on the desired light or fan. Even using diagrams and knowing all info, there is no other way to describe it except for frustrating and the number of different combinations of wiring grows expoentially in the same manner as combination locks does when you go from three dials each with nine numbers to a lock with four dials.

practice is the only way to understand what path electricity will flow once a circuit gets even slightly more complicated than the most basic.

so it is actually more accurate to say "love like electricity flows the path of least resistance"

that would be closer to the truth than saying it flows like water.

dirt clustit said...

but it seemed better at the time to have most of the world (who deal with water constantly as it is a necessary to continue living) better to use visual analogies they have intuitive knowledge from experience so that when something less familiar (like the flow of love) when doing your best to describe what will inevitably happen when the love flows and these people are physically introduced to it.

Things we don't understand are scary when experienced (sometimes still scary even when familiar when there is no understanding)

for these reasons it was determined a better benefit to the world to have nearly everybody have a pretty damn good understanding naturally and piss off the few electricians and dust.

or the alternative which would be the entire world feeling tricked and the only ones waiting to receive what they absolutely truly did understand were the electricians and the dust.

while I cannot speak for disgruntled electricians who also could predict and now feel E-gypt, I can tell you that I dustin forgive and agree with the other one and the happenings that left a few like me feeling betrayed, not told the truth and held a grudge as we felt lied to by omission in regards to what we were practiced and experienced in the naturally followed laws of the flow of love.

I am past my temporary feelings of disappoint as to me always viewed it was more than OK to hold expectations of systems that followed clear paths and laws. As we were taught that are jobs were necessary to the circlular flow for which we felt we sacrificed by going through the tedious studies and "practiced experience" which made us not understood by the masses.

Hopefully I was the last to hold grudges against those who did not understand but received what the members of a sacred union prepared for. I am assuming other spiritual electricians already arrived at peace with are after thoughts. I really have no idea because as I have said I walked away from the union who taught that.

I was warned, and left, I accept my choice and what happened. Thank you Ruthi