Saturday, June 5, 2010

Up to the Neck

I sat long enough in fire.
Now I am up to my neck
in the water of union.

You say, Up to the neck
is not enough.

Make your head your foot
and descend into love.
There is no up-to-the-neck union.

I say, But for the sake of your garden
I sat up to my neck in blood.

You say, Yes, you escaped
the alluring world, but not yourself.

You are the magician
caught in his own trickery.

Cut the breath of self and be silent.
Language cannot come from your throat
as you choke and go under.


Susan said...

Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! That photo is priceless! Perfect with the poem.

Ruth said...

I couldn't believe it either, Susie, when I was scouring my files for the right photo. I had forgotten about this, and suddenly there it was, et voila!

*jean* said...

i can just imagine your glee at finding such a sweet little subject! this is my very favorite photo of yours and that is saying quite a bit as i seem to admire your photos above any others!!

thank you for this blog, i love to read it with my morning joe

Sandy said...

That photo is G-R-E-A-T........

Anonymous said...

The words,the words read the words and speak(use a straw if you need to breath!)
Thank you for reminding me to speak,I had forgotten how.
Caitlin C. Wold