Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lamp after Lamp

You that prefer, as crows do,
winter's chill and the empty limbs,
notice now this that fills
with new leaves and roses opening
and the nightbird's song,

Let your love dissolve also
into this season's moment,
or when it's over you will buy
lamp after lamp to find it.

Painting "Succulent Eggplants" by Beatriz Milhazez here


dirt clustit said...

That is one cool painting Ruth, and the words have always been wise.

More than once, more than twice, more than three times have saved my life.

Sandy said...

I love that painting. I will have to google her name. ahh Seasons, can't live without them.

C.M. Jackson said...

beautiful painting--I will have learn more about the artist--loved this 'buy lamp after lamp to find it' reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy!

dirt clustit said...

I promise Ruth this is the last time I will do something I am not supposed to do.

As Godd as my witness I could not help it. Because this one is going to come true and the person it happens to is going to be pissed and I feel that I will get blamed for it. Before you do something you WILL regret, look at their birth certificates of the lovely photographers sisters.

maybe they go by their a different name? Cause not even you call her Geni nor do you know her sister as Jeany. But you've read their writing you know I am telling you the true cause if they are in the same room together and you wanted to get their attention you only need to shout their name once since they are pronounced the same yet spelled different. So if you called BOTH their names at one time and they answered you would hear something like this: the answer to one of your mysteries is so simple when you hear the ONE call and then these two sisters in a synchronized answer ONE collective Voice. Get it? just in case here it would go like this

"Genie!" they turn around "us?"

of course you two how many Genie's do you really think are walking around going by crazy nick names when phonetically they have the same name differing only in spelling?

dissolve, melt, sink into it now or forever rub your piece.


(dude I am just a bee flying around touching all the blogs making sure everything goes right so pay not attention to me all I see is flowers and if camera thing does not come together write, it ain't going to work, and their decent camera's too, but not nikon, not olympus, not leica, or zuess optics, anyway i can't think of it so I know I will never make it as a listener, seeker, hearerer, watcher, or whatever, just build that optic's rebel thing write! cause it really only works one way.

You can do it, google luck