Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cuisine and Sex

You risk your life to feed desires,
yet you give your soul only short grazing spans,
and those grudgingly.

You borrow ten and repay fourteen.
Most of your decisions can be traced back
to cuisine and sex.

The fuel basket goes from one stokehole
to the next. Six friends hoist
your handsomeness and carry it
to the cemetery.

Food changes going from table to latrine.
You live between deaths,
thinking this is right enough.

Close these eyes to open the other.
Let the center brighten your sight.


Lorenzo said...

Bon apetit

Lorenzo said...

Sorry, I just realized that "cuisine and sex" made me so hungry that I ate one of the p's in bon appetit. Yummy. The bit about grudgingly short grazing spans is so on the mark.

Ruth said...

I didn't even notice, Lorenzo. But for the record, it's good to know what happened to it.

C.M. Jackson said...

yikes--I am going to eat more salad;=)