Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bright Core of Failure

Sometimes you enter the heart.
Sometimes you are born from the soul.
Sometimes you weep a song of separation.
It is all the same glory.

You live in beautiful forms,
and you are the energy that breaks form.
All light, neither this nor that.

Human beings go places on foot.
Angels, with wings.

Even if they find nothing but ruins
and failure, you are the bright core of that.


dirt clustit said...

Your image is perfect Ruthi, sometimes when it feels like all doors are shut and not even a window left open there may still be a stares or latters that can be used to elevate persons to higher ground.

Lorenzo said...

Hi, Ruth. Just got back from a few days away and doing some catch up. Out of curiosity, do you give each day's post the title, or are they also drawn from Coleman Barks's translation? I like today's: the bright core of failure.