Monday, May 31, 2010

The Nothing of Roselight

Death comes, and what we thought
we needed loses importance.

The living shiver, focused
on a muscular dark hand,
rather than the glowing cup it holds
or the toast being proposed.

In that same way love enters
your life, and the I, the ego,
a corrupt, self-absorbed king,
dies during the night.

Let him go.
Breathe cold new air,
the nothing of roselight.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I had such a good example of this recently when a good friend of mine passed away at 68. She collected ---- everything--- and could not let things go, ever. I never once saw, in those two weeks before she died, any thought or care about her possessions.

It became so clear to me, to let go of more and more, as I sort through this house to pack up stuff .... so clear to live a more minimal life, take up less space and let that energy flow freely whereever I move.

although I must say, I'm still attached to some of my "treasures".
They have such significance to me while I'm on this journey here and now.