Monday, April 26, 2010

The Well

We seem to be sitting still,
but we are actually moving,
and the fantasies of phenomena
are sliding through us,
like ideas through curtains.

They go to the well of deep love
inside each of us.

They fill their jars there
and they leave.

There is a source they come from,
and a fountain inside here.

Be generous and grateful.
Confess when you're not.

We cannot know
what the divine intelligence has in mind.

Who am I,
standing in the midst of this


maggie said...

Who am I, standing in the midst of this thought-traffic? My thoughts go to the deep love within when I stop and ask to be shown that I am love. So often I forget to ask and my thoughts reflect a mind that is ego fed. Yet my memory is growing stronger, my trust is growing stronger my will is growing stronger to ask to be shown the way to love.

dirt clustit said...

you are a saint. Just remember everyone alive on the planet is hurdling through space twice the speed of sound. Everyone NEEDS to go easy on themselves and at their own pace.

but I at the same time I love your words. We are all slowly healing when no more damage is being done.