Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Morning Water and a Poet

We learn this from a drunken king,
who wakes up hungover and sick,
asking for two things, a morning drink of water,
and Let it be brought by a poet.

There is a tradition that the wine
of nonexistence makes us God-drunk.
Intoxicated that way, we are purified.

There is a kind of poet
whose poetry pours that wine,

and there is another poet who makes us want
the red wine and the white.
The two poets may even have the same name.

Look inside form. Read with your soul
this Masnavi. Let it bring you
morning water and a poet.


mystic rose said...

Oh how lovely these words are.....

There is a kind of poet
whose poetry pours that wine,..

Its just exquisite! When you are reading Rumi you just slow down so much and dwell in that beauty for a while. :)

I'm glad you are doing this.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

I have decided to go back to day one of these posts and work my way up to the present. I am greatly enjoying the journey and have found this particular one especially delightful. A morning drink of water brought by a poet --- how simple and bracingly beautiful.

David J. Biviano said...

This is so perfect, as I have been reading a Rumi poem every morning for over 12 years! He brings me water for my spirit every day. In addition, I have been signed up for The Poetry Foundation's "Poem of the Day", thereby being introduced to countless poets, and find myself spending an hour reading their bio and many of their poems on the PF website. So, Rumi has led me to many water-carriers! But none so refreshing as him!

Ruth said...

David, I hope you come back and read this response. I am thrilled you've found Rumi ... a life transforming poet for me. I urge you to also read Rainer Maria Rilke, if you haven't yet. He is equal in stature for me. You can read through a year of daily readings here: